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3 great reasons to choose a shredding service for your business

Choose a shredding service for your business

Remember the idea of the paperless office?

For most businesses, having items printed out on paper is still a necessity, from rotas and forms to reports and briefings.

Here’s a fact which bears that out – the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year.

Did you also know that more than half of the average company’s sensitive information is on paper?

It’s important that businesses comply with data protection laws and deal with information like names, addresses, telephone numbers, national insurance numbers and bank account details responsibly.

The impact of the wrong people getting hold of those details can be devastating – it could severely harm a business’ reputation.

Business owners have firewalls and cyber security processes in place to deal with those who try to steal this kind of information online.

Why make it easy for data thieves by putting printed material containing sensitive data for an insecure recycling or rubbish collection?

There are three compelling reasons to choose a shredding service for your business:

  1. It saves money.

The alternative to hiring a shredding service is doing it in-house. That takes up the time of staff who could be delivering on your core business.

A shredding service with the proper accreditation and secure processes is a cost-effective option. The costs of shredding vary from area to area and depending on how providers dispose of the shredded material.

The amount of shredding to be carried out can also impact on cost – some providers offer lower prices for larger amounts.

  1. It helps you comply with the law.

Breaching the Data Protection Act is a serious business. It could end up with a fine of up to £500,000.

It’s vital that businesses have robust systems in place to deal with information like HR, finance, and operational files which might contain signatures, bank details, medical information, or business information.

Look for a company, like Taclus Confidential, which ensures that destruction is carried out in accordance with EN 15713, the European Standard for Information Destruction.

  1. It stops data/identity theft.

Data theft isn’t a victimless crime – it can sometimes have very serious consequences.

Most data thieves would be looking for ways to get into victims’ bank accounts or for details which they could use to defraud their victims. The sums of money they steal can be substantial.

Others victims of data or identity theft may be at risk of harassment or physical harm.

A secure shredding service gives you, your staff, and your customers peace of mind.

If you need advice about how to deal with your sensitive data, call our experts on 02920 676 714.