How confidential shredding can protect your brand

How confidential shredding can protect your brand

We are going to explain how confidential shredding can protect your brand therefore Protecting your company’s reputation.

You protect your brand by ensuring you give great customer service, you monitor how people talk about you online, and try to answer queries and complaints as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You may well have registered your trademark.

Whey, then, would you allow your branded items to go into the bin – and potentially fall into the hands of people who will damage your company’s reputation?

You may want to dispose of branded items if you refresh your brand or change your address, telephone number, website, or email.

Throwing them away in insecure rubbish or recycling bags could cause your business problems.

Here’s what thieves and fraudsters could do with your items:

Workwear – They could con their way into customers’ homes or workplaces and carry out thefts, or even attacks. Older people are particularly at risk from these kinds of bogus callers.

Headed notepaper – Fraudsters could use this to get personal details from your clients or information from other businesses. Unscrupulous rivals could also use this to obtain information about your business.

Business cards – Thieves, fraudsters, or rivals could present themselves as your employees. You could lose sales as well as suffering damage to your reputation.

IDs – These could give anyone access to your premises. Think about the damage which could be done if your site is burgled or vandalised, or if someone unscrupulous gains access to your computer systems. That could, potentially, cripple your business.

Faulty products – If you recall a faulty product, you will want to ensure it is destroyed and isn’t being used by a member of the public who could become injured by it. That could leave you at risk of a legal action. If there is little risk of injury, there is still a risk to the reputation of your company from a product which does not work as it should.

So how confidential shredding can protect your brand ?

Use a confidential shredding service to dispose of your items, ensuring they don’t fall into the hands of the wrong people.

Shredding services will offer one-off shreds as well as regular shredding of confidential documents.

Choose one which conforms to the European Standard for Information Destruction (EN 15713) – Taclus Confidential fully complies with that standard. Taclus is certified and accredited by independent auditors to the ISO 1401:2015 environmental standards and ISO 9001:2015 standards for the quality of our service.

If you’re looking for a shredding service in South Wales and want to protect your brand, call 02920 676 714 for expert advice.