Worrying about your confidential waste

Worrying about your confidential waste?

Here are 5 reasons you should learn to love the shredder

Worrying about your confidential waste?  As Valentine’s Day approaches, don’t forget your unsung hero – the shredder which keeps your confidential information private.

Here are our five reasons you should love the shredder:


  1. It keeps your confidential information safe. Confidential shredding allows you to dispose of paperwork with names, signatures, addresses, payroll numbers, telephones, and national insurance numbers without fear the details will fall into the hands of thieves and fraudsters.


  1. It allows paper waste to be sent for recycling – safely. Not only do you keep your information safe, you help save the planet. Shredded paper is sent to a pulp mill where it is washed and made into a slurry with water. It is made into a substance like papier mache, and any inks are filtered out of it. It can then be rolled, dried, and made into other office paper, newsprint, or cardboard.


  1. It helps you show your customers some love. If your customers know you take care with their confidential waste, they will have trust and confidence in your business. Data like bank details, phone numbers, and email addresses can all be used to scam people.


  1. You’ll be complying with the law. The Data Protection Act 1998 says that businesses must deal with their customers’ information securely. They must take reasonable steps to stop the loss of personal data. Any breaches of the act can result in substantial fines. Confidential paper waste has been a target area for data criminals who sell on information to fraudsters and thieves. A secure shredding service stops criminals getting their hands on your data about your customers and employees.


  1. You can shred hard drives on your old computers. Wiping the details on your computer doesn’t get rid of all your information. It just wipes the indexing system – the information is still there. Most businesses do their banking by computer, keep customer records, and hold employee records on computers. Shredding the hard drive is the safest way to deal with that information.


Choose a company with a great reputation to deal with your confidential waste

Reputable confidential waste shredders like Taclus work to stringent rules to ensure your information is dealt with securely.

Taclus holds the accreditations for ISO 9001:2015 for quality management and ISO14001:2015 for environmental management, and has been certified by independent auditors IQS for both.


Looking to deal with your confidential waste paper in South Wales?

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