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Why hotels and guest houses in South Wales must shred their confidential paperwork

This is the start of a busy period for hotels and guest houses.

The tourist season starts in earnest in April. Easter usually marks the start of the summer tourist season.

Most hotels and guest houses will be gearing up for that summer rush, making sure they have enough staff, getting their marketing up to snuff, and ensuring their housekeeping is presenting a spotless image to their guests.

In this rush, it would be easy to forget some of the business basics like dealing with admin.

However, forgetting to deal with your confidential paperwork properly could land you in hot water.

It could cost hotels and guest houses tens of thousands of pounds in fines if they breach the Data Protection Act.

Customer details like names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, and bank details could fall into the wrong hands. Imagine the damage which could be done to your reputation if a fraudster steals the identity of one of your guests. Imagine the cost in monetary terms of reimbursing them if they lose out financially.

Don’t forget your suppliers. If they’ve sent you invoices or paperwork containing their bank details, you need to be treating that paperwork very carefully. Imagine the financial loss they may suffer if thieves get their hands on it.

Your own rand reputation could also be under threat if criminals get hold of headed paper or compliments slips. They may pose as your staff members to defraud your customers.

Paperwork which could be used by criminals:

  • Copies of receipts for rooms, meals, and drinks at the bar.
  • Booking confirmation letters.
  • Invoices from suppliers.
  • Your orders to suppliers.
  • Headed notepaper or compliments slips.

What can you do? Get a confidential shredding service

Ensure your confidential paperwork is shredded by a reputable company, such as Taclus Confidential based in South Wales.

We provide one-off and regular shredding services.

Taclus holds the accreditations for ISO 9001:2015 for quality management and ISO14001:2015 for environmental management, and has been certified by independent auditors IQS for both.

Updating staff uniforms?

Don’t let them fall into the hands of criminals who could target your hotel or your customers.

They could use them to gain access to your premises and steal from you, or to defraud or steal from your customers.

Taclus also shreds your old workwear to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.


Are you looking to get a confidential shredding service in South Wales? Call our friendly team for expert advice on the best regime for you on 02920 676 714, or email