Why local healthcare organisations need secure shredding services in Cardiff

Healthcare organisations in South Wales need to think long and hard about the security of the medical records they hold – and use shredding services in Cardiff to keep patient data safe.

From GP surgeries and hospital trusts to dentists, opticians, chiropractors, reflexologists, psychotherapy and counseling practices, and care homes, there are so many paper and online records which contain medical details.

When computers need to be upgraded, when removable media reaches the end of its life, and when paper records are no longer needed because they’ve been transferred online, you’ll need shredding services in Cardiff to make sure that data doesn’t fall into criminal hands.

GDPR means organisations can face large fines for data breaches.

How could criminals use medical records?

Identity theft – Think about what your medical records contain.

They note the resident or patient’s name, their address, date of birth, their GP’s name, their medical history, their employment history, and their prescription information. All of this is gold dust to an identity thief.

Many criminals are now wary of tight bank and credit card security systems and would prefer to create a new identity with which they can apply for loans and credit cards in your patients’ names.

The theft of medical equipment or prescription drugs – If someone has a resident or patient’s prescription details they could use that to request false prescriptions and steal drugs or medical equipment, reselling them in the criminal underworld.

Blackmail – In January 2019, thousands of Singapore medical records that contained the HIV status of the patients were released online.

That left them potentially open to blackmail if they had not revealed that status to employers, family, and friends.

In the wrong hands, medical records could reveal all sorts of information which could be used against people – from whether they have a degenerative disease or are living with infections such as hepatitis, to whether they have suffered from mental illness.

Selling on to other criminals – Medical records are worth more on the dark web than bank or credit card details.

Why? Because criminals know bank and credit card fraud tends to be spotted quickly and it’s harder to get away with it. Instead, having medical records allows for ID theft which can take months or years to uncover.

A false identity created from those records can retail for as much as $2,000 on the dark web. A single medical record would sell for around $20. It can be used to source documents such as a passport or driver’s licence and create a new ID.

This 2016 report to the US Senate details why medical records are so valuable.

What’s the solution?

To protect your patients and residents and comply with strict data protection regulations under GDPR, you need to ensure your old paper records and medical records on old hard drives and removable media are destroyed securely.

While the problem is international, the solution is local. You don’t need to send your sensitive information hundreds of miles away for processing.

Look for secure shredding services in Cardiff and South Wales. Choose a company that vets its staff, complies with the highest industry standards, and offers you shredding at your site as well as at secure, monitored facilities.

Ensure your shredding company provides you with an audit trail for your data and certificates of destruction.

Why you should choose Taclus Confidential’s secure shredding services in Cardiff

  • We offer confidential paper waste, removable media, and hard drive destruction services at affordable prices.
  • Taclus Confidential holds the accreditations for ISO 9001:2015 for quality management and ISO14001:2015 for environmental management and has been certified by independent auditors IQS for both.
  • Taclus has also been selected as the confidential waste management partner for Keep Wales Tidy.

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