How much does it cost to use a shredding company?

This is a great question to ask, and it is always worth checking when you get a quote whether the price you’re given at the time really is the price you’re going to end up paying.

Every shredding company has a number of costs when it comes out to collect your paper or to carry out the shredding on-site.

There is the labour cost of the driver/collectors who arrive at your door, fuel for the vehicles, labour cost for the time shredding the paper, issuing the documentation that you need for your records to demonstrate compliance with data protection and environmental laws and so on.  And VAT.

Some shredding companies break these down and bill the customer for each item separately.  This is OK in some ways, except that not every shredding company is clear and up-front about these costs when they’re giving you a quote.

The big, national companies have been known to quote one price for the collection and shredding, send a bill for that at the agreed price, and then send another bill some time later from a different department for the documentation.

One company in particular is notorious for this sort of thing, even adding in extras for things like “time on site”, “environmental charges” and “diesel surcharge”.  All on top of the price originally quoted for the shredding itself.

So, when you’re getting quotes for your shredding job, be sure to check that the price you’re given is the full price you’ll end up paying.