This is the Taclus team growing moustaches for Movember and Tashwedd

#Movember Shredding

This month Dave and his happy team will be ‘doing’ Movember – growing moustaches for the month and raising money and awareness for Prostate Cymru. 

We’re a proud Wales-based company with a Welsh name (did you know that Taclus means Tidy in Welsh?). So in Wales, instead of Movember, we have Tashwedd (November is Tachwedd in Welsh) and it’s one of the few translations that actually works across both languages! 

Look at these handsome men – who do you think will have the best tash by the end of the month????? It’s only day 4 in this pic, so don’t expect too much!

You may wonder how shredding links with Movember?  Mmmm, it’s not an easy link, but I’ve done it…’s about GIVING BACK.  People who raise money for Movember give back some of what they get from the world by raising awareness and money to help men’s health.   As the Movember website says:

“Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends are facing a health crisis, yet it’s rarely talked about. Men are dying too young. We can’t afford to stay silent”.  It’s such a worthy cause.

As a confidential shredding and data destruction company we give back (or recycle) paper and other materials for re-use.  And we have a zero landfill policy, line with our BS EN 15713 accreditation – so when we pick up IT equipment or branded clothing, we make sure that every piece of metal or material that cannot be recycled goes to energy recapture…’s not the easiest way to dispose of materials, but it’s the best way of giving back to the environment – this is something that Dave, our managing director is passionate about.

So, let’s hear it for Movember and let’s hear it for our Taclus boys who are going to proudly grow moustaches all month, no matter how wonky, sparse, grey or itchy they are!

Please logon to our Facebook page to donate to ProstateCymru if you have any spare resources.

Thank you/Diolch!