Shredding in dirty environments

Bye Bye BRAINS chimney….

Such an exciting week in Taclus Confidential!  Firstly, the moustaches are coming along pretty well…..why no photo?  Easy, it didn’t flatter the managing director (note to self, do not take a photo from under your chin if you have a bit of extra chin underneath).  We’ll try better on Monday and post all over the place to make up for it.

Secondly, we have done a massive clear-out of all the confidential waste in Brains Brewery  and shredded it in our big, yellow, mobile shredding truck – the white suit in evidence in this picture is because much of the paper has been housed with pigeons – as WalesOnline put it ‘since Brains have moved out, nature has begun to reclaim the site’ – they were not wrong!  The Brains chimney has been such an iconic piece of the Cardiff skyline, it has felt like a privilege to be part of the team carefully dismantling 130 years of the city’s brewing heritage before the site is redeveloped.  Never fear, Brains still exists and is now based in Tremorfa!

In other news, we are putting together a programme with schools to deliver lessons on the importance of data security, combined with the value of recycling – papers shredded today are the hand towels of tomorrow.  It feels exciting to be working with the next generation to teach them to look after our planet.  If you’re a school wanting information on this, please contact us.