taclus keyboard

On the Sixth Shred of Christmas my client gave to me……

……Six Tonnes of Paper

……Five Storage Bins

…..Four calling cards

…..Three Year Ends

…..two purple books

….And a hard drive from a PC!

This lyric was provided by Lucy, 16, who took her earphones off for a minute to contribute to our project.  And it’s a good one, not only because it fits to the music, but also because it’s such a core part of our business.  In November alone we did huge clear-outs for four businesses; we took our mobile shredding lorry onto two sites and were able to shred there and then, and when access and site traffic was too busy, we took our lovely Taclus vans along, loaded them up and took the paper back to Taclus HQ to shred.  Both ways, the customer was able to get rid of large volumes of confidential waste in a secure way for an excellent price. 

If you have large volumes of paper to get rid of, contact us.