7 things that can catch you out when choosing a shredding company…

There are a few important things you should be sure to look out for when choosing a shredding company. We’ve compiled a simple to follow list to help you out when choosing a shredding company for your needs, so you don’t get caught out! Ask yourself these 7 questions…


1. Are they a professional company with the right accreditations?

Things to look out for:  Do they have internationally recognised professional qualifications such as ISO 9001, EN15713 and ISO 14001?

2. Will they take everything?

Things to look out for: Do you have to spend time sorting through everything and take out files, folders, poly-pockets etc.?

3. Does the price they are quoting include everything?

Things to look out for: are there hidden extras for things like the certification, duty of care waste transfer note, ‘environmental charge’ or ‘diesel surcharge’?

4. If you are signing up for a regular, scheduled service, what are the cancellation terms?

Things to look out for: is there a ‘cancellation window’ where you have to inform them at a certain time or the contract renews?  Can you cancel with 30 days’ notice? If you want to cancel early, do you have to pay the whole contract value?

5. Do they provide you with a guaranteed collection day?

Things to look out for: are you provided with a collection date and time, do they offer a free collection if they miss the date for any reason?

6. Are they flexible?

Things to look out for: will they see what you’ve got and charge accordingly or do they insist you tell them exactly how many bags you have and tie you to a fixed price?

7. Regular service: are there additional sack costs?

Things to look out for: do they supply you with loose sacks and take them at the regular collection time at no extra cost, or do they charge for extra sacks?

Cyberbullying guide

Preventing and taking action against bullying is something we’re really passionate about here at Taclus. We have proudly worked with the charity Bullies Out in the past.

Cyberbullying continues to affect children especially, so Wiz Case have created this comprehensive guide for parents and carers, including sections on prevention and what to do if your child is being bullied.

The guide is well worth a read and can be found here:


Let’s continue to work together to battle the issue of bullying.