Happy Valentine’s Day to all our loyal and prospective shredding customers!

taculus heart

We’re feeling the love at Taclus and want to pass it on to you too……does anyone out there want to partner up with Taclus and be our valentine?! If so, do contact us or search the website for information on our services

Meanwhile, here are some interesting facts about Valentine’s Day:

Why is Valentine’s Day for lovers?

One of the most popular stories outlining the origins of Valentine’s Day dates back to 270 A.D. during the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius II who prohibited marriage because he believed single men made better soldiers. Bishop Valentine disregarded the Emperor’s wishes and continued to marry couples in secret until he was caught and thrown in jail for treason. He was executed on the 14 of February, which is why we celebrate St. Valentine’s every year on this date.

Red roses

We all relate the colour red with passion and love. Legend also has it that Venus, the goddess of love, favoured red roses above all other flowers.

Fun fact: Almost 75% of all people who buy flowers on Valentine’s Day are men and over 50 million roses are given each year on this day.

Valentine’s Day peculiarities:

  • White Day

The custom in Japan is somewhat different from our own. To express their love, women give men hand-made chocolate gifts on Valentine’s Day, while men reciprocate on the following month (White Day) by gifting a present that is three times as valuable as the gift they received on the 14th of February.

  • Black noodles for the lonely

In Seoul and throughout South Korea, women give chocolate to men on the 14 of February. On the 14 of March, men show their love by gifting candy to their girlfriends and wives. All the single ladies and men who did not receive any candy or chocolate grieve on the 14 of April (aka Black Day) by going out and eating black noodles. Who knew?!

  • A ban on Valentine’s Day

Believe it or not, this holiday is actually banned in Saudi Arabia. Gifting tokens of affection such as flowers, chocolates or presents is forbidden, and companies in the retail and hospitality industry are discouraged from promoting the holiday. Furthermore, people are not allowed to wear any red clothing; selling red objects on this day is likewise prohibited.

On the Sixth Shred of Christmas my client gave to me……

……Six Tonnes of Paper

……Five Storage Bins

…..Four calling cards

…..Three Year Ends

…..two purple books

….And a hard drive from a PC!

This lyric was provided by Lucy, 16, who took her earphones off for a minute to contribute to our project.  And it’s a good one, not only because it fits to the music, but also because it’s such a core part of our business.  In November alone we did huge clear-outs for four businesses; we took our mobile shredding lorry onto two sites and were able to shred there and then, and when access and site traffic was too busy, we took our lovely Taclus vans along, loaded them up and took the paper back to Taclus HQ to shred.  Both ways, the customer was able to get rid of large volumes of confidential waste in a secure way for an excellent price. 

If you have large volumes of paper to get rid of, contact us.

On the Fifth Shred of Christmas my client gave to me……

On the Fifth Shred of Christmas my client gave to me…..


…..Four calling cards

…..Three Year Ends

…..two purple books

….And a hard drive from a PC!

C’mon!  The best line yet!  And everybody’s favourite line in the carol when you can really sing your heart out!

Whilst many of our customers have consoles in the office that match their office furniture, we can also provide outdoor, lockable bins for large volumes of confidential waste.  And that doesn’t just mean paper.  We have a couple of customers that use these bins for disposable clothing which we collect weekly. 

So, as you are humming this song today, consider whether your firm would benefit from large storage bins as well as your inside consoles….and if the answer is yes, contact us and we’ll get you kitted out.

On the Fourth Shred of Christmas my client gave to me…….

…..Four calling cards

…..Three Year Ends

…..two purple books

….and a hard drive from a PC

The best line yet?  Yup, contributed by Megan….but just wait for Five…..she made that one up too!

At this time of year, people often decide to spend a day de-toxing the office.  This activity enables people to be productive and efficient without having to use 100% of their brain power – perfect for the Christmas season.  So if you are rooting through your desk and you find piles of unused business cards (or calling cards), or headed paper etc, remember that these branded products contain confidential information and could result in a data breach.  Don’t bin it, put it in your confidential waste bag or console…….if you don’t have one?  Contact us….we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and can confidently say we are the best shredding company in Wales and the South West!

On the Third Shred of Christmas my client sent to me……

On the Third Shred of Christmas my client gave to me

……Three Year Ends

…..two purple books

….and a hard drive from a PC

This lyric from Dave again (who over-ruled Three French Dictionaries, which this blog writer thought was much better).

For many businesses the end of the tax year can result in stacks of confidential financial information piled up in back rooms and storage areas. After the required retention periods have passed, these boxes of files could leave you vulnerable to a security breach.

A new financial year is a perfect time for businesses and individuals to review their paperwork from the previous year and decide whether documents need to be stored or destroyed. Any documents that are no longer required, must be securely disposed of and documents that are needed can either be stored at the office, digitally or off-site in secure storage.

We have several accountancy firm customers with some lovely testimonials to read about the value we have been able to add to their business.

On the Second Shred of Christmas my client gave to me…..

…..two purple books

….and a hard drive from a PC

This lyric from Tom, 14.  Why purple?  Why books?  Firstly, we shred paper of all colours and you don’t need to distinguish between colours in your console bin – throw anything in and we will do the rest.  The shredded paper then goes to make paper towels – all recyclable, often dyed, so the colour of the paper you put in the bin doesn’t matter.

And did you know that books are shredded too?  Not just bin ends from publishers, but also books that aren’t sold at charity shops, or that are dumped in waste sites.  The shredding process is the same, but because of the glue, the quality of paper is different.  It sells for a different price and makes different products, but it still means that books aren’t wasted, they are recycled….so although it is literary death row, they really are going to a better place.

So, rest in peace, books, and clients, be happy that your books, of any colour, are helping to save the environment for now and the future.

14 days and counting……

The 12 Shreds of Christmas!

From now until Christmas we will be sharing Taclus’ 12 Shreds of Christmas! We’re very excited about our creativity which came to us during a car ride to Laugharne last week. Hope you enjoy it too…..So, watch this space tomorrow….”On the first shred of Christmas my client gave to me…………”

Three inspiring male stories for #Movember

This blog writer had to go to Liverpool for a meeting on Monday and it took two taxi journeys, eight hours on a train and a four-hour meeting. It was a looooong day, but throughout the day I spoke to three men, all of whom had different stories to tell – all of them uplifting, inspiring and brilliant examples of what humankind can achieve.

The taxi driver

A 30-year old man from Newport Road (we have two customers from there, Cardiff Sixth Form College and Wales Refugee Council) picked me up at 7.15 in the morning.  We talked about where we both came from and he told me of his journey 12 years ago from Eritrea to Cardiff. It took him many months and it was full of extreme hardship – three days and nights on a tiny boat that was so full that he couldn’t sit down, followed by walking and hitching from Italy to Calais.  Once at Calais he smuggled himself on a lorry that took him to Bradford where he sought and received asylum.  He now has a family, a house and a living and says that some days he wonders if it was all a dream…..but he has the scars to prove that it wasn’t.  He told me that each day he is thankful for the life he leads and how grateful he is that he can bring his children up in safety.  

The entrepreneur

The reason behind my long day was to meet the founding member of an American company called Handshake.  After a tasty superfood salad (wishing I had ordered ham, egg and chips) I walked to the meeting with the founder, a  shy and quietly spoken young man who told me that he and his friends had started the company whilst students at university, with the main aim of democratising opportunities for students in the job market today.  Of course, the idea is going to make him very rich, but more importantly, he saw an opportunity and had the courage and drive to take the chance.  It was clear that the last few years had pushed him emotionally and mentally, and I dread to think how many hours he puts in a week, but he was driven by an idea that he thinks will help others.   Side note: the moustache on the right in the pic above is the entrepreneur who has set up Taclus Confidential – like the young American, he works too long and talks too much about this business, but he is driven by the idea that his shredding business will make a difference, not only for the environment, but for businesses.

The chorister

My final inspiring man of the day was a 75 year-old man from Abergavenny.  We sat opposite each other on the train from Crewe and in the last 20 minutes of his journey he spoke to my colleague and me.  He had travelled down from Northumberland and was still working part-time as an external examiner in carpentry.  In the last two years he had joined Beaufort male voice choir.  He told us about the huge impact this had had on his life – it has massively increased his self-confidence, he has a whole new group of friends, feels healthier and happier and is using his brain to learn the difficult pieces that were sat in front of him on the train table.  And he is never happier than when singing a rousing rendition of Calon Lan with his buds. What a lovely guy! For any of you who heard the amazing sound of the crowd in the Wales qualifier match last night, you will know how amazing Welsh voices can sound!

At the end of the day I was knackered and more than a little grumpy.  But as I grumbled to myself (and to the man on the right with the moustache), I thought again about these three men and thought how enjoyable it had been to talk to each one.  And I thought about Movember and about the reason behind the charity – tackling prostate cancer, men’s mental health and suicide prevention for men – and how very, very important this charity is. 

Back to shredding in the next post, but if you haven’t yet contributed to Movember this month, please consider doing so.  At Taclus, we are raising money specifically for Prostate Cancer this year (via Facebook), but you can donate to Movember directly on their site.

Bye Bye BRAINS chimney….

Such an exciting week in Taclus Confidential!  Firstly, the moustaches are coming along pretty well…..why no photo?  Easy, it didn’t flatter the managing director (note to self, do not take a photo from under your chin if you have a bit of extra chin underneath).  We’ll try better on Monday and post all over the place to make up for it.

Secondly, we have done a massive clear-out of all the confidential waste in Brains Brewery  and shredded it in our big, yellow, mobile shredding truck – the white suit in evidence in this picture is because much of the paper has been housed with pigeons – as WalesOnline put it ‘since Brains have moved out, nature has begun to reclaim the site’ – they were not wrong!  The Brains chimney has been such an iconic piece of the Cardiff skyline, it has felt like a privilege to be part of the team carefully dismantling 130 years of the city’s brewing heritage before the site is redeveloped.  Never fear, Brains still exists and is now based in Tremorfa!

In other news, we are putting together a programme with schools to deliver lessons on the importance of data security, combined with the value of recycling – papers shredded today are the hand towels of tomorrow.  It feels exciting to be working with the next generation to teach them to look after our planet.  If you’re a school wanting information on this, please contact us.

#Movember Shredding

This month Dave and his happy team will be ‘doing’ Movember – growing moustaches for the month and raising money and awareness for Prostate Cymru. 

We’re a proud Wales-based company with a Welsh name (did you know that Taclus means Tidy in Welsh?). So in Wales, instead of Movember, we have Tashwedd (November is Tachwedd in Welsh) and it’s one of the few translations that actually works across both languages! 

Look at these handsome men – who do you think will have the best tash by the end of the month????? It’s only day 4 in this pic, so don’t expect too much!

You may wonder how shredding links with Movember?  Mmmm, it’s not an easy link, but I’ve done it…..it’s about GIVING BACK.  People who raise money for Movember give back some of what they get from the world by raising awareness and money to help men’s health.   As the Movember website says:

“Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends are facing a health crisis, yet it’s rarely talked about. Men are dying too young. We can’t afford to stay silent”.  It’s such a worthy cause.

As a confidential shredding and data destruction company we give back (or recycle) paper and other materials for re-use.  And we have a zero landfill policy, line with our BS EN 15713 accreditation – so when we pick up IT equipment or branded clothing, we make sure that every piece of metal or material that cannot be recycled goes to energy recapture…..it’s not the easiest way to dispose of materials, but it’s the best way of giving back to the environment – this is something that Dave, our managing director is passionate about.

So, let’s hear it for Movember and let’s hear it for our Taclus boys who are going to proudly grow moustaches all month, no matter how wonky, sparse, grey or itchy they are!

Please logon to our Facebook page to donate to ProstateCymru if you have any spare resources.

Thank you/Diolch!