Confidential waste shredding Newport

Confidential waste shredding Newport

We provide confidential waste shredding services in Newport for all your data.


Home of Goldie Looking Chain and with a history dating back to Norman times, Newport is the third largest city in Wales, famous for hosting Barack Obama in the Celtic Manor conference centre.

Our customers in Newport include:  Paul Fosh Auctioneers, Longfield Consulting Rooms and BCA British Car Auctions

Taclus Confidential has customers in Newport

Why choose us?

Taclus specialises in providing a professional data destruction and shredding service. Our
trusted processes ensure that our customers comply with data protection legislation
(including GDPR) and with environmental regulations. Client, employee and confidential
business information is treated with respect and kept secure at all times. Through our
responsive, flexible and efficient service, Taclus delivers the most secure and efficient
confidential information destruction service in the industry.

Partnering with Taclus Confidential ensures you will:

avoid identity theft

ensure security and
compliance with

save time

assure business
and maintain

our services

paper shredding service

Secure document destruction service from the leader in information security.

hard drive destruction

Did you know that that deleting a file from your computer hard-drive doesn’t actually remove it?

branded product destruction

Protecting your brand is vital. Our product destruction service allows you destroy any branded products.

did you know?

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