Costs and pricing

Costs and pricing: everything you want and need to know

Why does shredding cost money?

Good question. Before shredding a single sheet of paper for a customer Taclus require:

  1. People. We need people to collect your paper, take care of your paper, shred your paper. As well as employment, ALL employees at Taclus are fully vetted to ensure security, including an enhanced background check (DBS).
  2. Insurance. As well as the usual insurances, employers’ liability insurance, public liability insurance, due to the sensitive nature of confidential waste, all shredding companies must also have professional indemnity insurance, so if any damage is done to a client’s reputation, they can be compensated.
  3. Accreditations. Trust in our process is based off internationally recognised standards such as ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, BS EN 15713-2009 – all of these cost money to set up and must be renewed every twelve months. 
  4. Vehicles. Running costs, ever-increasing fuel costs, insurance, purchase costs, we need these things so that collections can be carried out!
  5. Premises and physical goods. Though we’re a service we have lots to store such as our wheelie bins and secure cabinets. Secure bins with appropriate locks cost between £90 – £130 and are included in contract pricing.
  6. Professional shredding equipment. For example we use a shred-TECH MDX 1 shredding tuck costing approximately £45 000.

Other shredding organisations have other costs too such as paying dividends to corporate shareholders. 

In the table below, you’ll see some significant variation in what different shredding organisations charge. Often companies don’t show their prices on their website, and getting a quote can be a long and frustrating process, so hopefully this helps. There are also sometimes hidden extras such as for a Waste Transfer Note (which is legally required for businesses), fuel surcharges, environmental charges and even ‘time on-site’ charges. 


Trust in our service is based on the following internationally recognised standards.

We are also the trusted partner of Keep Wales Tidy.

We are a licensed waste carrier with the Environment Agency (CBDU108928), and we recycle 100% of the paper we process

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