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How can you prove your shredding service is secure?

We have the internationally recognised EN15713 accreditation as part of our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. EN15713 provides that all staff are security vetted, confidential material is transported in tracked vehicles, destruction takes place in premises secured by an appropriate alarm system and covered by CCTV.

Are staff vetted?

Yes, all staff are vetted in line with our EN 15713 accreditation, with enhanced DBS disclosure checks.

Do you have the necessary accreditations?

We have the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 (incorporating EN15713) and ISO 14001:2015 accreditations. 9001 demonstrates the quality of our overall management system, with the EN15713 system specifically governing the secure destruction of confidential data.  14001 is the environmental management system, the cornerstone of our commitment to a zero to landfill policy. 

What happens to my confidential material?

We destroy it – whatever the format. The resultant waste is recycled (100% of paper, cardboard, metal and plastic), with a small amount of waste that is currently not recyclable sent to a waste-to-energy facility.

Can I see the shredding take place?

Yes you can, by appointment.

Can you pick up in our own boxes?

Yes we can, you don’t need to pack the confidential waste in special sacks or bags. 

What is your pricing policy?

We believe that transparency is key to a successful business relationship. That is why we don’t have any hidden or extra charges for paperwork, documentation etc. The price you see, (plus VAT) is the price you pay.

For scheduled collections where we provide a secure waste console, the pricing depends on the number of consoles required and frequency of collection. A typical price is £25 (£23 monthly if paid by direct debit) for a single console with a four-weekly collection, £18 for an eight-weekly collection, and £15 for a 12-weekly collection.

For ad-hoc or on-demand collections of loose sacks, we have a small minimum collection charge of £16.65, covering up to three sacks/boxes. Four to ten sacks/boxes are £4.95 each, with additional items £2.00 each. For collections of over 40 sacks/boxes pricing starts at £2.50 per sacks/boxes. Please call us on 029 2130 3717 and we will quote you depending on volume.

For collections over 40 sacks please call us on 029 2130 3717.

I need some equipment picked up and hard drives wiped. Do you do that too?

Yes we do, in fact we destroy the hard drives rather than wipe the data.

Do I need to remove staples and clips, files and plastic wallets from my bins?

No, small items of office stationery like these are dealt with as part of the process. Shredded paper like this often goes into making paper tissue products, so any non-paper items are removed by washing or magnets before final production.

Do you pick up from homes as well as businesses?

Yes we do, we are happy to provide the same secure professional service to domestic customers.

What’s safer - onsite or offsite shredding?

Both are secure; some clients prefer to have the comfort of knowing that their documentation has been destroyed on the premises.

What’s better - bags or consoles?

It depends on the situation. If you’re having a big clear-out or “data purge”, loose sacks are a great way of doing things. For day-to-day use, consoles are best as the material is safely under lock and key from the time it has been used.


Trust in our service is based on the following internationally recognised standards.

We are also the trusted partner of Keep Wales Tidy.

We are a licensed waste carrier with the Environment Agency (CBDU108928), and we recycle 100% of the paper we process

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