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The health sector handles some of the most sensitive personal data, and patients have the right to expect that information will be looked after. Your legal obligations are fulfilled and exceeded by using Taclus Confidential:

Patient and staff records, results, X-Rays, CD-ROMS and all other digital media can be collected and disposed of by us. We can also dispose of IT equipment such as hard-drives and branded uniforms and ID badges. By using Taclus Confidential, none of your materials will fall into the wrong hands.

Suggested services for the health  :

Document Destruction

A regular, secure confidential waste collection service, ensuring complete peace of mind and legal compliance.

Hard-Drive Destruction

Destroying hard-drives ensures that information is 100% erased.  Our service ensures data from old computers or photocopiers is irretrievable.

Media Destruction

We can also securely destroy any media that contains (or once contained) confidential data. That includes backup and audio tapes, optical disks (CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs), flash drives (memory sticks), SD cards and more

Branded product destruction

Our product destruction service allows you to destroy any branded products from uniforms, and disposable overalls, to ID badges.  We can provide textiles bins for regular collection, or collect old uniforms in bulk.

On-demand Shredding

Avoid build-up of information by having several clear-outs a year

There is something like this for each industry sector.  Can you make them uniform, but slightly different for each one?


Trust in our service is based on the following internationally recognised standards.

We are also the trusted partner of Keep Wales Tidy.

We are a licensed waste carrier with the Environment Agency (number …..), and we recycle 100% of the paper we process

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