Branded Product Destruction

Protecting your brand is vital. Our product destruction service allows you destroy any
branded products or goods such as:

  • Uniforms
  • ID Badges
  • Marketing Material
  • Headed paper
  • Blank and completed contract forms
  • Faulty products

We can collect weekly, such as disposable uniforms from a research and development site,
or as a one-off, such as out-of-date branded polo shirts. Your branded products will be
collected by security-vetted staff in tracked vehicles. The material will be transported to our site for secure and safe destruction within 24 hours. You will be provided electronically with
all the paperwork within the same time frame.

Secure Waste Transfer Note and Certificate of Destruction issued electronically
within 24 hours of collection

Fully vetted staff

Secure, tracked vehicles

Premises are alarmed
and have 24-hour CCTV
and a security guard at night

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