The question that all prospective customers want to know, but few businesses actually advertise…

We believe that transparency is key to a successful business relationship. That is why we don’t have any hidden or extra charges for paperwork, documentation etc. The price you see, (plus VAT) is the price you pay.  This isn’t the same for all shredding companies.  Many quotes you will be given will not include paperwork or certificates of destruction for your confidential shredding and you will need to ask specifically for those additional costs when you get your quotes.

So, what do we charge?
(with no hidden extras)
  • For scheduled collections, where you are provided with a secure waste console, the pricing depends on the number of consoles required, the location of the console and frequency of collection: A typical price is £30 per month for a single console or wheelie bin with a four-weekly collection, £18 for an eight-weekly collection, and £12 for a 12-weekly collection. A second console adds £5 per month to these prices, and each additional one after that £5.00 per month.
  • For ad-hoc or on-demand collections of loose sacks, we have a small minimum collection charge of £20, covering up to three sacks/boxes. Four to ten sacks/boxes are £4.95 each, with additional items £3.00 each. For collections of over 30 sacks/boxes pricing starts at £3.00 per sacks/boxes. Please call us on 029 2130 3717 and we will quote you depending on volume.
  • For a whole laptop/PC tower, cost is £8.50 per item. HDDs removed from a laptop / PC are £2.95 per item. CDs/Tapes/Floppy discs/ branded products such as banners, brochures, workwear etc. are £0.85 per kilo.

Can you get cheaper?  Maybe, although we don’t have evidence of this.  Will those companies be ISO 9001 (quality standards) and ISO 14001 (environmental standards) and BS EN 15713 (secure waste destruction standards)?  Probably not – and it is these quality standards that give you peace of mind that our service is secure, trustworthy and excellent.

Can you get better? No! And what’s more, we do it all with a smile: “polite and helpful” (Ty Sign Primary School), “exceptional customer service” (Cardiff Executive Centre), “excellent support and advice with GDPR regulations” (Sports Wales)

One contract, a complete service

Clients who use a regular shredding service benefit from our premier Taclus service:
We will take care of all your secure data destruction requirements throughout the year when you sign a regular contract with us – so should you need to get rid of some extra bags one month, we will take those away for free. The same goes for hardware such as PCs, hard drives etc. One contract, a complete service.

Ensure your legal obligations are fulfilled and exceeded by using Taclus Confidential:

Waste Transfer Note
Secure Certificate
of Destruction

Fully vetted staff

Secure, tracked vehicles

Premises are alarmed
and have 24-hour CCTV
and a security guard at night

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