Taclus – What’s in a Name?

I remember it vividly – sat on my favourite battered, leather chair, recovering from a second back operation in 8 weeks, numbed by morphine with the children asleep… partner, my brother and I were bouncing ideas for the name of my partner’s new business.  He already had a successful stationery business and a 20-year background before that in sales management and had spotted a gap in the market.  He was so excited by this opportunity that he was prepared to put all his eggs in the confidential waste basket – ever the entrepreneur, this felt like the only option and his usual voice of reason was in a morphine haze and was supporting it wholeheartedly!

Dave, owner and director of Taclus Confidential is that heady mix of entrepreneur and do-gooder.  He wants to make his mark on the world, to save the planet and to be a knight in shining armour to all those around him.  When the business is fully established and financially successful, he dreams of giving back in the social enterprise sector, whereas this writer just wants to walk the dog and go for lunch with friends.

A local confidential waste company ticks all of Dave’s values – recycling, providing an excellent service for local firms without charging the prices of the ‘big boys’ as he calls them (Shredit, Restore etc), working alongside charities such as Keep Wales Tidy and keeping the country safe by avoiding data theft (that’s the knight in him!)

So, how to find a company name that encompasses all of that?  Dave’s surname is Lovatt and we decided that this was a good sounding surname, so that needed to be in the name.  We also wanted to incorporate the word ‘green’ – highlighting the green credentials of the company.  We had decided on Lovatt Green Waste Services and were happy with it…..

…..but it needed the word ‘confidential’… Lovatt Green Confidential Waste Services…..

Too long, too much of a mouthful.  And, we realised, it didn’t sound Welsh enough – we couldn’t set up a company without having a touch of the dragon in the title, could we?  And yet, it couldn’t be too complicated either – we love the Welsh language, but it doesn’t come naturally to everyone (or us, actually, but we love it anyway)

Back to the drawing board!  How do we get a Welsh word, that everyone can say and that resonates with the values of the company?  Does it need to be Welsh?  Could it just be an English word that the Welsh use, in an ‘I Loves the Diff’ kind of way? 

Dave said, ‘how about Tidy?  And the slogan could be There’s Tidy!’  Brilliant we thought – Welshness personified and a confidential waste firm helps keep an office tidy.  Tidy Confidential? No.  And then the magic happened……this non-creative, but morphine-induced writer put ‘tidy’ into Google Translate and……Taclus Confidential was born!

Taclus Confidential – We’re on the case with your confidential waste!  NB: the slogan, on all of our vans, was created by Mali, a sixteen year old friend of my daughter who wants a career in marketing…..she’s definitely got potential!

If you want to find out more about the services of the best named, best quality and highly recommended confidential waste service in South Wales and South West of England, please do contact us and check out our website

Taclus – there’s Tidy!