Methods of disposing of confidential waste

Service comparisons - what's best for you, if any?

Does everybody need to use a shredding company? No. But that's not to say it's a good idea to throw confidential waste out in normal waste!

Although percentage fraud identity theft happens electronically, around 65% start with single or combination of physical papers!

So, what are your options?

  1. Shred it yourself – keep a shredder by your desk and do it as you go, save it from piling up!
  2. Use a fire or log burner to light it – this isn't the most efficient method but it will get rid of confidential waste, but also should be done as safely as possible, this can be dangerous if done incorrectly! It's still a good idea to break paper down into smaller pieces before hand, so large bits of paper don't fly away.  
  3. Stick it in your compost bin! – A more ec0-friendly option than burning. Most paper materials are compostable and will break down within a few weeks. It's still a good idea to cut paper down into pieces so paper breaks down a little faster. Remember not all paper is good for composting, such as glossy paper with lots of chemicals!

If you're using anything other than small amounts of paper, these options probably aren't the most effective. 

  1. Using a professional shredding company    may be your solution. One of our clients, an accountancy firm used to get the office junior to shred their waste, and have estimated they're saving £1200 annually by switching to a regular collection with us. Saving time and money, with an efficient service, trusting their confidential waste is dealt with securely. 

Which service is best for you?

One-off or ad-hoc collections:

Some clients prefer an ad-hoc service where they’re provided with loose sacks that are kept in locked offices and collected regularly, when suits best.

One-off collections are also common, where we collect large volumes of confidential waste when companies are having a big clear out, moving offices etc.

Regular, scheduled collections

Some of our clients prefer the convenience of a regular, scheduled collection. These clients often choose a console service where tamper-proof consoled fit seamlessly into an office environment. Secure waste can then be collected on a timely basis that suits your needs.

Larger organisations tend to opt for several consoles on a fortnightly/weekly collection whilst smaller organisations opt for a single console with regular collections.


Trust in our service is based on the following internationally recognised standards.

We are also the trusted partner of Keep Wales Tidy.

We are a licensed waste carrier with the Environment Agency (CBDU108928), and we recycle 100% of the paper we process

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