Shredding Services 

Regular Shredding Services can be set up in a variety of ways: 


  • Secure, lockable consoles to ensure that when documentation is deposited inside it is not accessible to others. We can then arrange a regular collection and remove the waste for secure destruction. Waste is destroyed off site and all destruction is carried out in line with EN 15713, the European Standard for Information Destruction
  • Confidential waste bags for you to have throughout your premises. We can arrange to pick up regularly at an agreed time or ad-hoc as and when required.
One-off Shredding Services:


Many of our regular customers in Cardiff and across south Wales initially used us for a one-off clearance. Such as an annual clear-our at the end of the financial year to get rid of a back-log.


Most businesses need to have large clear outs from time to time. What makes Taclus different is that we do not set a minimum limit on one-off collections.


We charge by the sack or box for this service, £3.95 each for the first ten, and just £2.00 each thereafter.

Included in this price is all the documentation you need to comply with environmental regulations and with the Data Protection Act. Unlike other companies who charge extra for this, at Taclus it is all part of our service.


While we are flexible enough to collect as little as a single box or sack there is no limit to the amount we will collect. One sack or several tonnes, we are here to serve you.

Confidential Waste and Debentures in Crumlin
offiste shredding
Off Site Shredding Services:


Often the simplest and most convenient way to securely dispose of your confidential material is off-site. In line with our ISO 14001:2015 accreditation, all materials that go through our secure confidential shredding process are recycled. The recycling process allows for a high degree of non-paper content, so there is no need to separate out paper-clips, or even remove the paper from it’s file. Simply drop it in the sack, give us a call and we collect and securely destroy it for you.  


It all goes through the industrial shredder, destroyed in compliance with our site’s BN15713 standard. Our drivers are uniformed and security checked to give you complete peace of mind.

Branded Production Destruction services:


Protecting your brand is vital. Our product destruction service allows you destroy any branded products or goods such as:

  • Uniforms
  • ID Badges
  • Marketing Material
  • Headed paper
  • Blank and completed contract forms
  • Faulty products
Hard Drive Destruction Services:


Many people don’t realise that deleting a file or information from your computer hard-drive doesn’t actually remove it. It just frees up the space on the disk to make it available for use the next time you click save when working on another document.


So, if you are disposing of obsolete IT equipment and have “wiped” the hard-drive before putting it in a skip and think all the data has gone, think again. All you’ve done is remove the instruction to your computer not to over-write that part of the disk when you next need to save a document. It is the equivalent of ripping the index out of a book and hoping that whoever picks it up next won’t be able to read it.


And when you consider that the data on even a modest-sized modern hard drive, when printed out, could cover ten football pitches, imagine what could happen if a drive full of confidential customer or company data fell into the wrong hands.

Whether you throw it away or let it lie forgotten in deep storage, a hard drive you no longer use is a data-loss time-bomb just waiting to go off. The safest course by far is to destroy it completely. It’s a step many people overlook, but it’s the only way you can be sure that the data can’t be retrieved by fraudsters or identity thieves.


At Taclus Confidential we can securely destroy hard drives of all types. When the hard drive is removed, the asset tag number of each device is recorded on the Certificate of Secure Destruction. The hard drive itself is shredded and the resultant waste is sent for recycling to recover all rare-earth elements and other precious materials. The rest of the unit is then either sent for recycling/re-use or in certain cases the chassis is sent to an out-reach program devoted to rehabilitation of offenders.


Digital media destruction. We can also securely destroy any media that contains (or once contained) confidential data. That includes backup and audio tapes, optical disks (CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs), flash drives (memory sticks), SD cards and more.


All non- data components are disposed of according to UK government regulations under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive. We have a 100% non-landfill policy.